Colors do not make your life vibrant and colorful at all, but rather affect your psyche and the development of your body directly, as this is a proven fact.

Colors have an impact on the mental development of children, the child sees black, white and gray at birth and begins to distinguish the red color after a week.

A room painted in red or a lively color speeds up the child’s perception and reaction when it makes the child feel that he is in a warm environment. Besides, by using Betek color combinations on the walls, you can create places with special features for yourself and your child. Various researches indicated the following results regarding the effect of colors on children.

If you want to increase your child’s appetite and make him lively, you can choose one of the shades of red for Philly Boya, such as pink. Also, you can increase your child’s metabolism and blood pressure.

But if you want to increase the child’s energy and participation, you should use the orange color. Philly Boya offers vital shades of orange in the colors of Green Air and Malta. Do not forget that you will make your child healthy, physically and mentally. Yellow color focuses on the effect on the child.

ره‌نگ و زارۆك

Yellow shades of Philly Puea such as Sun and Daisy provide the baby with cheer and help regulate his body temperature and increase energy production.

If you want to make your child calm, you should choose the shades of lemon green for Philly Boya, this color has a healthy effect on the child, and it also increases the strength of vision by resting the eyes, the blue color creates a safe and sensitive environment to help your child communicate with others, because it Calms the child’s sense and relaxes the body.

The light blue shades of Philly Boya slow down your baby’s metabolism and calm the mind and balance the senses.

ره‌نگ و زارۆك