There are 3 primary colors on the color wheel: red, yellow and blue.

For example,
when we look at the color blue, we see that the area that tends to yellow is green and the area that tends to red is violet. Colors are classified into 3 categories, primary colors, intermediate colors and contrasting colors.

  • Primary colors: It consists of red, yellow and blue on the wheel of colors that cannot be obtained by mixing with each other. Two colors can be used together in decoration, one color with a slight degree of another color.
  • Intermediate colors: They are the colors that can be achieved by mixing with the primary colors, where purple is achieved by mixing red and blue, green is formed by mixing yellow and blue, and orange is achieved by mixing red and yellow. Diversity can be achieved by using them with the same tones as the other colours.
  • Contrasting colors: Colors that directly opposite each other on the color wheel are called contrasting or complementary colors. When used together, contrasting colors look vivid and bright and create the highest contrast effect because they increase the strength of each other. They are red, green, yellow, violet, blue and Orange, as they have complementary and complementary property to each other, therefore, they are considered to complement each other.