When you intend to paint your home, the gloss of the paint you choose is no less important than the color. Betek Boya paint offers you multiple options of gloss, to add different effects to your walls with thousands of colors.

Beteksil is the most preferred wall paint in Turkey among all types of silicone coatings for interior walls with a “matte silky” finish, in a relaxing environment with sparkling reflections or Betek Max “ultra smooth” coating with a smooth texture and a matte appearance when simplicity is essential. important than anything.

Or the glossy Betek Satin paint that adds an elegant look with a “semi-gloss” texture. The choice is yours. Besides, if you are looking for a product that easily covers surface imperfections on your walls and does not leave marks from brush and roller effects, we recommend you to choose Betek Plus paint. Allows for a “matte” or “professional matte” finish.